REFLEX - Realtime Event FLow EXecutive

What is Reflex?

Reflex is an operating system for deeply embedded control systems or sensor network nodes. It is based on the event-flow principle, which greatly supports implementation of typical applications. The model was implemented in C++, this allows to use standard toolchains for development and the system can easily ported to new platforms. Reflex includes a scheduling framework which allows easy choice of scheduler (see publications), interrupt handling mechanisms and Event Channels. Common I/O handling, memory management, power management and virtual timer management are also included. Remote update facilities are under development and are planned to be part of a future release. A basic version for the MSP430/Tmotesky is part of Reflex since Release 1.6. A user interaction interface is planned and work in progress.

After Release 1.6 the development was migrated to a Git Repository hosted on Bitbucket. The information here may therefore be a little outdated.


To subscribe to the mailing list, send a mail containing "subscribe reflex-developer" inside the body to majordomo(at) Discussions are currently held in German but feel free to ask questions in English, too. If we become a larger international community, we will switch to English as common language on the list.

Which Releases exist

Which controllers does Reflex support?

Which platforms does Reflex support?

In general terms all platforms based on the aforementioned controllers should be supported. Among others we explicitly experimented at some point with the following platforms:

How do I use Reflex?


  • Implicit Sleep Mode Determination in Power Management of Event-driven Deeply Embedded Systems  link
  • Using Preemption in Event Driven Systems with a Single Stack  link
  • An existing complete House Control System based on the REFLEX Operating System: Implementation and Experiences over a Period of 4 Years  paper
  • A Flexible Scheduling Framework for Deeply Embedded Systems  bibtex paper
  • Event-Flow and Synchronization in Single Threaded Systems  bibtex paper
  • Generic Trigger Variables and Event Flow Wrappers in Reflex  bibtex paper
  • REFLEX - An Event-Driven Operating System for Embedded Control Systems  Poster(lowres)
  •  Seminar paper of Reinhard Hemmerling (german)

Related Projects

Reflex is the basis for a number of other projects, including

 Cocos Demo 1
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Where do I report bugs/request features?

Please use our  new issue tracker on Bitbucket. But also check here on trac for known bugs, etc. before posting a new one.


  • Maintainer: Andre Sieber as(you know what to do here) or visit the  website of our group.

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